Reactive Streams 1.0.1 is here!

After more than two years since 1.0.0, we—the Reactive Streams Special Interest Group—are proud to announce the immediate availability of Reactive Streams version 1.0.1.

Since 1.0.0 was released Reactive Streams has managed to achieve most—if not all—it set out to achieve. There are now numerous implementations, and it is scheduled to be included in JDK9.

Perhaps most importantly, there are no semantical incompatibilities included in this release.

When JDK9 ships, Reactive Streams will publish a compatibility/conversion library to seamlessly convert between the java.util.concurrent.Flow and the org.reactivestreams namespaces.

The artifacts, documentation and specifications are released under Creative Commons Zero into the Public Domain.




We’d like to thank everyone involved, all contributors and everyone who has given feedback during the development of this project.



Warm regards, the Reactive Streams Special Interest Group