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cancel() - Method in interface org.reactivestreams.Subscription
Request the Publisher to stop sending data and clean up resources.


onComplete() - Method in interface org.reactivestreams.Subscriber
Successful terminal state.
onError(Throwable) - Method in interface org.reactivestreams.Subscriber
Failed terminal state.
onNext(T) - Method in interface org.reactivestreams.Subscriber
Data notification sent by the Publisher in response to requests to request(long).
onSubscribe(Subscription) - Method in interface org.reactivestreams.Subscriber
Invoked after calling Publisher.subscribe(Subscriber).
org.reactivestreams - package org.reactivestreams


Processor<T,R> - Interface in org.reactivestreams
A Processor represents a processing stage—which is both a Subscriber and a Publisher and obeys the contracts of both.
Publisher<T> - Interface in org.reactivestreams
A Publisher is a provider of a potentially unbounded number of sequenced elements, publishing them according to the demand received from its Subscriber(s).


request(long) - Method in interface org.reactivestreams.Subscription
No events will be sent by a Publisher until demand is signaled via this method.


subscribe(Subscriber<? super T>) - Method in interface org.reactivestreams.Publisher
Request Publisher to start streaming data.
Subscriber<T> - Interface in org.reactivestreams
Will receive call to Subscriber.onSubscribe(Subscription) once after passing an instance of Subscriber to Publisher.subscribe(Subscriber).
Subscription - Interface in org.reactivestreams
A Subscription represents a one-to-one lifecycle of a Subscriber subscribing to a Publisher.
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